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Endulge In A Little Imagination

Between paying the bills, attending meetings, going grocery shopping and endlessly doing dishes and laundry, it’s easy to forget what is was like to be a child.  Children’s worlds are much bigger than ours; fairies and gnomes scuffle beneath their feet, hiding behind corners and underneath couches while dragons sleep beneath the forest floor.

It seems as though dramatic and pretend play has disappeared from kindergarten classes everywhere and is replaced with spelling tests and homework.  And of course we want our children to read and count, but don’t we want them to dream big and experience life as a child?  We need to give them as many opportunities to pretend and believe in magic as long as we can; childhood flies by too fast!

Princesses, Knights, Fairies having Tea Parties.  Doesn’t that sound lovely?

Book your child’s Royal Dress-up Tea Party today!  Face-painting included.



About Wendy Daniels

Owner of Storybook Parties, Bremerton, WA

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